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Washi Letters & Envelopes Set - Sakura

Washi Letters & Envelopes Set - Sakura

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10 Letters & 5 Envelopes Washi Set

This quirky "Hanko" set (ハンコ) from Furukawa Paper Works in Japan is pure fun! Expect to be wowed by the beautiful Cherry Blossom motif, crafted with premium Mino-washi paper. You get 10 A5 letter sheets plus 5 coordinating envelopes, perfect for sending to special people on birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions! Put on your creative hat, grab a pen, and start crafting beautiful messages!

Product Details

Size: 19cm x 14cm

Material: Washi Paper

Brand: Furukawashiko

Import from Japan

Made In Japan



*Package Includes: 10 sheets of letterhead, 5 envelopes
1 sheet of graphically marked underlay*

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