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Ninja Food Picks for Kids 18 Sticks Bento Decor Set

Ninja Food Picks for Kids 18 Sticks Bento Decor Set

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Why You'll Love It?

IT’S A NINJA decorative lunch bento picks designed specifically for picky children of different age perfect solution for picky eaters. It has 9 different designs. 
SAFE FOR KIDS - These Ninja Food Picks for kids are BPA free and easy to use. They do not affect aroma, flavor and food consistency. 
FUN and definitely more enjoyable. 9 unique designs – 2 pcs of each, which makes a unique 18pcs
REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Decorations are very easy to use and clean.
*Adult Supervision is Recommended*

Item Description

  • Style: Ninja 
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Size: 7 cm
  • Packaging Size: *If none delete*
  • Material: ABS Resin
  • Weight: 25g 
  • Brand: GET FRESH
  • Made in Japan

*Package Includes 1 Pack of Ninja Food Picks for Kids*

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