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Washi Tape - Cranes & Cherry Blossom - 7m Long

Washi Tape - Cranes & Cherry Blossom - 7m Long

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Japanese Crane Cherry Blossom - Washi Tape Series

Marvel at the white cranes flying over ornate foil accents and enchanting cherry blossoms. Behold the beauty of Kamoi Washi Tape – a delightful indigo floral that will make your craft projects bloom! Who can deny the charm of flowers? This tape is your go-to for scrapbooking, gifts, art projects... you name it! Each roll comes in its own box, ready to take your projects to the next level!


Product Details

Size: 7m x 4.4cm x 15 mm

Material: Kamoi Washi Paper

Brand: Bentoto House

Import from China

Made In China

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