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Kuretake - Ai Liner - Ultra Fine Black Brush Pen

Kuretake - Ai Liner - Ultra Fine Black Brush Pen

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Cutting Edge Tip, Designed to match the Ultra-Fine Lines of an Eyeliner Cosmetic

Unsurpassed Flexibility & Fine Control: The ultra-fine "ai Liner" brush offers unparalleled elasticity and precision control, making it perfect for delicate lines in illustrations and hand-lettering!

Draw clear, vivid lines with Kuretake-Ai Liner! Once dry, your lines won't smudge against water or alcohol-based markers, allowing you to confidently color over with no mess. Your artwork will be safe and intact!

Ideal for decadent lettering, elegant calligraphy, eye-catching illustrations, crisp outlining, skillful sketching, and fine-lined drawings that will last for years, this pen is filled with luxurious watercolor pigment ink!


Product Details

Size: 8cm x 1cm

Material: Ink & Plastic

Brand: Kuretake

Import from Japan

Made In Japan



*This is a writing instrument, not a cosmetic tool.*


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