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Shiba Inu Squihsy

Shiba Inu Squihsy

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The feeling is irresistible!
The round and round shape of this toy is adorable.

The soft and fluffy touch and cute look will soothe you!
Squeeze toy with an adorable Shiba Inu smile*.

Comes in an assortment of 4 colors (orange x 6, blue x 2, pink x 2, white x 2), 12 pieces!
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Our Cutest Mascot, Peen the Penguin

Sweet Stationery Shop has a New Logo that looks way more Kawaii & Aesthethic! Our Mascot is a Cartoon Carachter called Peen, the penguin.

We love him so much that he's presented in the center of our Logo. Browse our website to see more of Peen's designs. He's everywhere!