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YELL World - Kawaii Nyanko Cat Plushie Squeeze Noise

YELL World - Kawaii Nyanko Cat Plushie Squeeze Noise

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The famous Nyanko plushies series are back! The 5th serie is now available!

They are all bright pastel colored & adorable! Both of their hands are raised in a ''pick me up'' or ''happi happi'' begging to be adopted.

These nekos makes a cute squeeky sound when you squeeze it's body!

This time, there is 8 kinds of assorted colourful kittens.

Not only kids will love it, adults will surely get addicted to squeezing the plushie.


Size: 7 x 5 x 22.5cm

Material: Polyester

Imported From Japan

Made In China

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We love him so much that he's presented in the center of our Logo. Browse our website to see more of Peen's designs. He's everywhere!