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Medium Mochifuwa Plush Toys 13 cm

Medium Mochifuwa Plush Toys 13 cm

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YELL WORLD - COROCORO LIFE - Squishy Stuffed Animal Plushies 

Mochifuwa means soft and squishy and springy like mochi. These Mochifuwa Animal Stuffed Toy Pushies have been designed for a maximum snuggling experience. They are crafted with super soft and fluffy polyester to ensure the utmost comfort. Their unique tubular shape allows for easy stacking and side-by-side arrangement. Mochifuwa Animal Stuffed Toys guarantee a stackable design for efficient side-by-side arrangements.


Choose from 12 different kinds of plushies.

1. しばいぬ Shiba Inu - Light Brown and white
2. うーぱーるーぱー Axolotl - Pink with dark pin fins
3. とらTiger - Yellow with stripes
4. きつね Fox - Yellow and brown with leaf
5. すずめ Sparrow - Brown and white
6. しまえなが Long Tailed Tit - White, black and brown
7. みけ Calico Cat - White, brown, grey
8. かわうそ Otter - Warm brown and light brown
9. たぬき Raccoon - Brown and light brown with leaf
10. ぺんぎん Penguin - Blue and white
11. ぱんだ Panda - Black and white
12. いんこ Parakeet - Yellow and Green


Product Details

Size: 14cm x 13cm x 10cm

Material: Polyester



Import from Japan

Made In China



*Plushie Care: Machine or hand wash up to 30°C*

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