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Bead Art - Sticker Charms - Japanese DIY

Bead Art - Sticker Charms - Japanese DIY

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Bling! Bling! Charming Beads!

Bling-bling! Add some charm with these beads! Captivate your stickers with these pretty little beads! Get your stickin' pen, pop your beads in the tray, and stick 'em on the page - wowza! This set's got what you need. Choose from 4 fabulous furkids: penguin, bunny, polar bear, and kitty!


Product Details

Size: 18.5cm x 14.5cm x 1.6cm

Material: PS, PP, PET & Silicon Copper

Brand: Bling!

Import from Japan

Made In China



*Package Includes: 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 Sticking Gel, 1 Sticking Pen, 1 Tray, and 6 Coloured Beads.*

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