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Sticker Box - Sky & Cloud - 46 Stickers

Sticker Box - Sky & Cloud - 46 Stickers

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Sky & Cloud Scenery - Sticker Box Series

Craft a unique atmosphere with these exquisitely crafted Sky & Cloud Scenery Sticker Box. Construct a whole new world on your diary, notebook, laptop, and more--thanks to the premium paper construction that allows for effortless adhesion on almost any surface. Stay organized while making your scrapbooks beautiful with a plethora of different landscapes and plenty of sticker per box. Scrapbook like a master with a perfect tool for sharing and caring.


Product Details

Size: 4.4 x 4.4 x 1 cm

Material: Paper 

Brand: MISS TIME 拾光®

Import from China

Made In China



*Package Includes 45 Stickers in 1 Box*

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