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Cat Series - Cat Paw Pencil Case

Cat Series - Cat Paw Pencil Case

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Ultimate Soft Cat Paw 


This cuddly pencil case provides a sumptuous space for your everything from stationery to makeup. Wrapped in the softest material, it offers a cozy home to all your writing tools plus lipsticks, sponges, and more. Paw-shaped with eye-catching hues, it's sturdily zipped for a stylish storage solution. It's sure to be the purr-fect present for any age, teens to adults, preppy to animal-lover! Plus, it's perfect for almost every occasion: back-to-school, travel, or b-day!



Product Details

Size: 23cm x 12.5cm x 4cm

Material: Polyester

Brand: Sweet Stationery Shop

Import from China

Made In China

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