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Chopsticks - Japanese Ukiyo Art - Black Lacquer

Chopsticks - Japanese Ukiyo Art - Black Lacquer

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Luxurious Chopstick with Ukiyo Art

Ukiyo alludes to the salved state of mind of one who savours the present, unencumbered by the hardships of life. This exquisite item, with its exquisite Japanese motif, is coveted among discerning customers from around the globe. Crafted in Japan with meticulous attention to detail, these breath taking chopsticks boast a premium lacquered finish with textured tips.


Choose from 5 different japanese art pieces: 

The Great Wave of Kanagawa  

Fine Wind, Clear Morning - Gaifū kaisei 

Kabuki Actor - Ōtani Oniji


Product Details

Size: 20cm

Material: Lacquered Wood

Brand: Ukiyo Art

Import from Japan

Made In Japan

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