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Gigantic Soineko Sleepy Cats 73 cm

Gigantic Soineko Sleepy Cats 73 cm

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YELL WORLD - Suya Suya Soineko Mochifuwa - Neko Plushies

A plushie for children and adults to adore. Push the kitty's tummy and hear its "Pukyu~!" sound. Its cozy, sleepy face only adds to the cuteness. Snuggle up with cuddly cuteness that's 17.5 cm tall! Bring sweet dreams with these cute eepy cats. 

5 Different Cats to Adopt! Shiron, Saba, Mike, Cuck & Chacha!


Product Details

Size Measurements:

37cm x 25cm x 73cm

  • Material: Polyester
  • Stretch: Slightly
  • 5 different colours 

Brand: N/A

Import from Japan

Made In China


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