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Onigiri Mold- Ring Donut Shaper - Rice Balls DIY

Onigiri Mold- Ring Donut Shaper - Rice Balls DIY

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A Unique Shaper for DIY Onigiri

Transform your kitchen into an Onigiri Academy with this Rice Ball Mold! Take your cooking to the next level and master the art of Japanese snack-making with just a few presses. Create classic onigiri, or dress 'em up with furikake, cereal, and seafood! This quality Japanese-made device is perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks, events, or whatever the occasion. And Thanks to its ridged surface, it won't leave your rice balls sticky.


Product Details

Size: 18x12.5x3.8 cm

Material: Polypropylene


Import from Japan

Made In Japan



*Adult supervision is recommended*

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