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Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pen Pale Tea 6 Colours Set 1 & 2

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pen Pale Tea 6 Colours Set 1 & 2

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ZIG Clean Colorial Brush
Pale color 6 color set

A new color real brush planned with illustrator [Tea], which draws a pretty illustration with a delicate line, is now a set.
There are also pale and soft colors, pale and pale colors, and there are also grayish colors that feel a little sloppy system, so you can enjoy a light -colored and transparent illustration.
The package is grated with a certain tea.

Part number
RB-6000AT/6VG Pale Color 1
RB-6000AT/6VH ​​Pale Color 2

Product size 97 x 189 x 16 mm

Product Features
It is a 6 -color set where you can enjoy a transparent, pale depiction. A gentle shade that expands the range of expression.
Pale color 1 is a warm -colored combination centered on orange.
Pale color 2 is a cold -colored combination centered on green.

Material pen: PP / PES / Case: PET
Ink water -based dye ink
Country of origin Japan
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