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Origami Paper - Great Quality Crane Kit - Hand Dyed Yuzen

Origami Paper - Great Quality Crane Kit - Hand Dyed Yuzen

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The great quality of Hand-dyed Yuzen Origami Paper

Guide Booklet: The origami cran kit comes with a folding guide booklet that allows you to fold 7 different basic types of origami cranes.

QR How Twos Videos : You can check ''how to fold origami'' videos with the QR code provided to you of how to fold it. It has explanations in English, so it's a perfect gift for Japanese Culture lovers.

Contents of folding booklet: Orizuru, Sanrenzuru, Kiss crane, Hanami car, Sister back mountain (Imoseyama), Lightning (Inazuma), Bait (Ehiroi) & Asagao.
Hand-dyed Yuzen Japanese paper is hand-processed one by one. Some pattern & colours aren't exactly the same. in the dyed color occur, creating a tasteful and unique texture. Please understand these features that occurs when hand dyeing.

Product Details

Size: 25 x 15.6 cm

Material: Washi Paper

Total of 15 Sheets

Brand: Mino Washi

Import from Japan

Made In Japan



*Package Includes 1 Guidebook & 15 Sheets*

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