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Sticker Box - Sakura Story - 45 Stickers

Sticker Box - Sakura Story - 45 Stickers

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Cherry Blossom Festival - Sticker Box Series

Experience a luxurious and exclusive world of supreme quality with your perfect flowery touch! Our beautiful Sakura Flower Stickers make any decorating project effortless. Each box contains a plethora of blossoms and petals for your diary, notebook or laptop. Craft your masterpiece with ease; these premium paper stickers, with their sticky backings, can be applied to any surface without damaging the paper. With our set of 46, there will be plenty to enjoy and share!

Product Details

Size: 4.4 x 4.4 x 1 cm

Material: Paper 

Brand: MO•CARD

Import from China

Made In China



*Package Includes 45 Stickers in 1 Box*


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