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TERANISHI Guitar Fountain Pen Ink - Lady Emerald

TERANISHI Guitar Fountain Pen Ink - Lady Emerald

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Teranishi's Guitar Taisho Roman Haikara Fountain Pen Ink - Lady Emerald has a deep, luxuriant bluish-green hue, which sheens a vibrant reddish-violet. Lady Emerald is a prestigious hue, closely associated with the art deco period.


The TERANISHI GUITAR TAISHO ROMAN HAIKARA FOUNTAIN PEN INK Collection captures the spirit of the Taisho era in Japan, a time of fashionable elegance. The phrase "haikara" or "high collar" was coined in this period to signify the influx of European and American trends and culture. The vibrant inks in the range capture the energy of the era.

  • 40 mL
  • Standard ink
  • Dye-based
  • Includes hanging tag that doubles as an ink swatch card
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